The facility comprises of a jetty along with ancillary structure including loading/discharging elevated platform connected to the shore by a trestle, mooring and breasting dolphins with 2 x fenders, all interconnected by a series of catwalks. 

Major components of the Jetty Structure are given below:


114 Meters Long

Loading Platform

27.5 Meters x 15 Meters

Breasting Dolphins

2 Nos

Mooring Dolphins

4 Nos


190 Meters Long


210 Mtr

Max Beam

33 Mtr

Max Deadweight

Up to 35,000 tons

Present Declared Draft

As per PQA Notification

The Loading Platform facilitates connecting Edible Oil/Molasses lines with Ship Manifolds through flexible Hoses.  A Marine Crane (Knuckle Boom Type) of 15 Meters boom length and 2 ton lifting capacity is installed on the Elevated Platform for this purpose.   Loading Platform is equipped with Pig Launcher (3 Nos) and compressed air system for Pigging the Edible Oil lines.